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From Our CEO


Most people see a hospital as an organization of skilled and talented healthcare providers, who are committed to providing quality, compassionate care to people who are ill and the staff’s challenge is to find out what is ailing with patients, and then to provide services to make them better. Today I would suggest that our responsibility goes far beyond the traditional responsibilities of a hospital.

For the past four years we have been encouraging staff to be involved in service clubs, church groups and other community agencies. We hold our annual health fair, which brings many educators and services together to benefit people in our region. We attend other events with a display booth that provides information on our services. This focus has been to re-enforce the message of the quality services we provide to the community.

And while we will continue to add new programs and services, my vision in the coming years is that we will routinely go beyond the walls of the hospital and provide more care in the home setting. We need to be involved in the wellbeing of each and every person in our service areas. To achieve this objective, we need to be concerned about the vulnerable population, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed, those with behavioral problems, and those without social values, the youth in difficult home settings, those who consider suicide, domestic violence and so many other social challenges.

Beginning in August, we will bring onboard a VISTA member who will spend a year with us to begin defining our new journey. Our focus will initially be on the needs of the elderly. We want to identify who is at risk, what are the problems and what needs to be done to resolve the problems. We expect to reach out and form partnerships with other healthcare agencies, community service organizations, local government, service clubs and churches. We do not need to own the management of the solutions, but we should facilitate the role of other community partners to improve the quality of life of people.

In addition, you will be hearing more from Teresa Vincifora regarding our partnership with St. David School District on a goal to reduce teenage suicide in the community. So, stay tuned as we pursue new roles in our region. We are in exciting times. Our goal is to champion a movement to make the region the healthiest place to live in Arizona.

Rich Polheber, CEO