Benson Hospital Care Clinic


Benson Hospital wants to make sure everyone knows that the Retail Clinic is now open.  The first opening day was May 8th, 2017.  It is located at the  local Safeway store next to the Safeway Pharmacy.  The clinic is a convenient way to be able to receive care and medical services you need quickly and easily. There are a number of benefits to receive care at a Care Clinic such as:

  •          We will have extended hours, making it an easier option for patients who work during the day.  Monday through Saturdays 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  •          The retail clinic will offer medical care to the patients in the community at a convenient location.  Often times, the clinics can be utilized when patients aren’t feeling well but still have to run errands within the store.
  •          Benson Hospital Care Clinic will frequently have a shorter wait time than many other medical facilities.  This means that you are able to get in and out quickly.
  • The retail clinic will be able to provide care for many minor illnesses and injuries.  In fact, the majority of the things that can be treated at a traditional facility can also be treated at a retail clinic. While emergency care is not taken care of at these clinics, patients can expect to have common illnesses and injuries treated.


Minor Illness
· Allergy symptoms · Bronchitis and coughs · Earaches and ear infections · Flu-like symptoms · Gout · Indigestion and heartburn · Mouth pain · Sinus infections & congestion · Sore & strep throat · Upper respiratory infections · UTI & bladder infections · Minor skin conditions


Minor Injuries
· Bug bites & stings · Minor burns · Minor cuts, blisters & wounds · Splinter removal · Suture and staple removal · Ear wax removal · One time medication refills · Depo-Provera injections


· Cholesterol Screening · Diabetes Monitoring · Sports Physicals · High Blood Pressure Monitor


In Clinic Labs
· Urine Pregnancy Test · Blood Sugar Test · Urine Dip Test · Rapid Strep



Who can we help?

Anyone can visit Benson Hospital Retail Care clinic.  It is open to everyone.  Parents can use the clinic for their young children, because in many cases they offer the same treatments as their primary care physician, but have more convenient hours. In addition, young working adults visit these clinics for the same reason. Senior citizens who stay in Benson community for the winter months will often seek care at retail clinics as they do not have a primary care physician in the area and do not want to go to the ED for minor illnesses. Many without insurance prefer retail clinics, because the prices are usually cheaper than a traditional clinic.

Retail clinics are convenient and offer many of the same benefits of traditional clinics. While you may not see the same practitioner each time you go, it is a great way to get the care and medical services you need quickly and easily.


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