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Billing FAQ’s


Our Billing office is open for your convenience Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm.  You can reach us by telephone at (520) 586-7749.  Please be aware that each time you receive services from the hospital, a separate account is created.  It is possible to have several accounts open at the same time.  All insurance companies will be billed as a service to you.  Insurance benefits will depend on your policy and remaining deductible due.


The following payment options are available to help you pay for your portion of your medical bill:

  • Credit card payment is accepted by phone, mail, or at the hospital.
  • Check payment can be mailed to PO Box 2290, Benson, AZ 85602 or brought to the hospital.
  • Cash payment is accepted onsite at the hospital.
  • No interest financing is available. Please call 520-720-6519 for more information.


You may receive bills from other facilities who assisted in your care.  These doctors and facilities bill for their services separately, and may include:

LabCorp – Sonora Quest – Healthcare Innovations-Pro Bill

These additional bills may refer to “Professional Fees” for the physician services provided.


Questions regarding insurance payment should be directed to your insurance company.

Failure to provide us with the correct insurance information will result in you being responsible for the entire bill.

Written Correspondence may be sent to:  Benson Hospital, Attn: Billing Department, PO Box 2290, Benson, AZ 85602.


How do I know how much I really owe?

After your insurance company makes payment, you will receive a summary statement indicating any payment you owe.  We are happy to assist you regarding this or any portion of your healthcare costs by calling (520)586-7749

Who can I call for help and what is the number?

We welcome your telephone call Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am till 4:30 pm.  Whenever you need help, please call the following:

Medicare and Commercial Insurance: (520)586-2261 Ext 294

AHCCCS, Blue Cross and Workers Comp: (520)586-2261 Ext 295

What If I cannot pay?

We understand that paying for healthcare may be a concern.  Our Patient Financial representative is happy to assist you with your payment options.  You may call (520) 720-6519.

When is Payment Due?

Payment is due within 30 days after receiving the first statement.

Will Benson Hospital Bill the Primary Insurance?


Benson Hospital is a participating Medicare provider and will file a claim on a patient’s behalf.  If a patient has a supplemental policy, upon receipt of the Medicare payment, a claim will also be submitted to the supplemental carrier.

AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System)

If the patient is enrolled in one of the state’s AHCCCS plans, a claim will be submitted to that plan.

HMO/PPO/Insurance and Third Party Indemnity Insurance

Benson Hospital is contracted with many traditional health insurance an managed care plans and will submit a claim on the patient’s behalf for payment.  Patients are responsible for any out-of-pocket deductible, and co-insurance, co-payment and out-of-system balances.

Although Benson Hospital is not partnered with all Insurance Companies, as a courtesy we will submit your claim if we have the necessary information.  Regardless of any available Insurance coverage the patient is ultimately responsible for the bill.

Will Benson Hospital bill the Secondary Insurance?

Yes, If the complete information has been provided.

Why is there another statement after the full payment has been made?

The statement may have been mailed before the payment was posted to the patient’s account.  Please contact us to verify payment has been received.  Please provide the patient’s account number if available, the patient’s name and date of birth, and the dates of service.

Will An Itemized Bill be sent?

Yes, upon request.  Please provide the patient’s account number if available, patient’s name and date of birth, dates of service and mailing address.

If Benson Hospital is “out of network” for my health plan, can I still go there for services?

You may receive care at our hospital if your company is not “contracted” with our hospital – please contact your insurance company to determine what portions of your service will be covered.

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