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Hear from our staff

At Benson Hospital we pride ourselves our family culture and commitment to our community. Check out what our staff has to say about our culture.

Benson Hospital means alot to this community. This hospital has saved many lives and also helped many people get quality care. The doctors are great! Benson Hospital has shown me that it cares about its patients and employees. I love working here! -Gloria Pruitt, RN

Benson Hospital is one of the most caring and dedicated hospital. Working here is like working with family and I am very confident our community is getting good quality of care. I very proud to say I work at Benson Hospital. – Claudia Gluck- RRT

I have been working for Benson Hospital for over 10 years. I cannot imaging our community without the hospital. Our staff are very caring and enjoy being here. I love my job and love being close to home. Our hospital continually gives back to the community in so many ways! – Candy Boyle

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