New Leadership at Benson Hospital

Benson Hospital announced this week leadership and governance changes implemented by the
Board of Directors to create a more solid financial position for the nonprofit hospital. This
alignment combined with the successful passage of the San Petro Valley hospital district ballot
initiative will stabilize recent financial issues and restores a solid financial foundation to the

Ann MacInnes Cook, chair of the Benson Hospital governing board, announced this week that
Rich Polheber will return from his extended medical leave in a different role that is focused on
community development. The board has appointed Linda Wojtowicz, RN, to lead the
organization as the chief executive officer, in collaboration with Teresa (Vinnie) Vincifora, chief
clinical officer, and Ken Goranson, chief financial officer.
“We thank Rich for his dedication to the Benson Hospital and the residents of the San Pedro
Valley. We are looking forward to his continued contributions through this new role,” said
MacInnes Cook.

Wojtowicz is an experienced hospital operations leader having held senior leadership positions at
Tucson Medical Center, in Sierra Vista and Chicago. “We thank Vinnie for her leadership during
the last several months and she will return to her focus on clinical operations. Linda will be a
valuable addition to our leadership team as we set our course for the future.” MacInnes said.
In addition to the executive leadership changes, MacInnes Cook announced changes to the
Board of Directors to include representatives from TMC HealthCare. New members include
Judy Rich, president, and CEO, TMC HealthCare; Steve Bush, senior vice president, and chief
financial officer for TMC HealthCare; Julia Strange, vice president, community benefit, TMC
HealthCare; and Matt Smith, principal with Strategic Issues Management Group. Remaining on
the board are Chair Ann MacInnes Cook, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Lujan, Bill Lindley, Dr. Barb
Hartley and Susan Willis.

This strategic alignment will build upon the successes realized by Benson Hospital through its
membership in the Southern Arizona Hospital Alliance. “Through SAHA, we have had the
opportunity to learn from TMC and leverage its resources,” said Ken Goranson, Benson Hospital
chief financial officer. “TMC has helped us with physician recruitment, lowered costs for us in
areas such as healthcare and laundry services and provided invaluable technical assistance in our
business office and our new primary care clinic. Bringing the two independent, community
health systems closer together will make both organizations stronger.”
Benson Hospital has an excellent reputation because of the hard work of the staff and providers,”
said Wojtowicz. “We will be focused on restoring the strong financial foundation so that the
community has a community health system it can count on for many years to come.”