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Nutrition Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy is provided by a Registered Dietitian for both inpatients and outpatient. Proper nutrition is essential to good health. Good nutrition is necessary to prevent and/or control disease, foster healthy weight and promote healing.

The purpose of Benson Hospital Nutrition Services is to optimize the patients nutritional intake, to meet their food and nutrition needs during their hospitalization. Each patient admitted to the hospital is assessed by the Registered Dietitian and an individual nutrition plan is developed. The plan is reassessed throughout the stay of the patients to ensure the patient is receiving proper nutrition.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Registered Dietitian provides Medical Nutrition Therapy counseling tailored to a disease, condition and/or lifestyle that will improve your health. This is offered through Benson Hospital’s outpatient services. An individualized review of your medical history, eating and lifestyle habits allows the Registered Dietitian to design a nutritional plan to fit your life. Follow-up visits can be scheduled to monitor your progress on the plan. The benefits of Medical Nutrition Therapy are:

  • Manage your disease or condition
  • Minimize medical complications
  • Reduce medication use
  • Reduce hospital admissions and doctors’ visits
  • Improve overall quality of life

The Registered Dietitian provides individualized medical nutrition therapy for all age groups for a variety of medical conditions including: Diabetic Mellitus, Heart Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Tube Feeding, Total Parental Nutrition, Planned Weight Gain Program, Food Allergies, Food In-tolerances  Pre/Post Bariatric Surgery, Weight Management, and General Nutrition.

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