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You are entering the Technical Support site for Benson Hospital, in this page you will find technical information about our Patient Portal system and some of the Frequently Asked Questions about it. We also offer a software tool for desktop sharing that will allow our support techs to remote into your computer and assist you with any issues related to our Benson Hospital systems.



Patient Portal Support

Patient Portal FAQ’s and Support. Click the button below to access the Patient Portal support page.

Patient Portal Support

Support Tools

Need technical support? Allow someone to remotely connect to your desktop and assist you. Click on the button below to download and run the application.

Download Now

Contact Us

Contact us with any comments and questions that you may have by sending us an email.

  • Email: info@bensonhospital.org
  • Phone: (520)-586-2261
  • Fax: (520)-586-2265

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