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Patient Portal Support

How do I enroll in Patient Portal? Enrollment is available when you register for your next outpatient appointment, inpatient admission, and Emergency Department visit or by calling (520) 720-6522. Admitting staff will ask if you would like to provide your email address during registration. After you have received your invitation on your email and you have registered and setup a password, you can access the Patient Portal by clicking this button: 


How Do I Sign Into YourCareCommunity

  1. Enter your user ID in the Email or Mobile field
  2. Enter your password in the Password field
  3. Select Sign In. The Security Question screen displays.
  4. Enter your security question answer in the Answer field 
  5. Select Submit

NOTE: Users are offered a second level of security through the security question feature. The security question and its answer are provided by you during the Registering as a First Time User process.

How Do I Get A New Password

  1. Select Forgot Password? The Forgot Password page displays.
  2. Enter your user ID in the E-Mail or Mobile Phone field
  3. Select Forgot Password? 
  4. You are returned to the Sign in page while instructions for your new password are sent to your email address and/or SMS.  Follow the directions to access your new password information.

NOTE: Contact your provider or administrator for user ID information. Select Cancel to back out of the Forgot Password screen.

How Do I Unlock a Locked User Accounts

  1. A user account is locked for a set number of minutes after a specified number of failed logins by the same user in succession are reached.
  2. This security feature is a deterrent, yet allow users with the appropriate security clearance to access the account at a later time without requiring them to contact customer support.
  3. To unlock a locked user account
  4. Wait the allotted amount of time and sign in with the correct user ID and password.

NOTE:  Contact your provider (520) 720-6522 if you are unable to unlock your account.


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